Welcome to College Knitwear

College Knitwear have been making quality school knitwear since 1986. College Knitwear uses a blend of 80% Australian high quality Merino Wool and 20% nylon to give "next to the skin" softness, durability and ease of care qualities to the knitwear we produce.

Over 84 different shades of jumpers are available and College Knitwear are happy to match your specific requirements. All sizes are catered for and custom made garments can be ordered.

The highest quality electronic knitting technology is used at College Knitwear. The Stoll CMS knitting machine provides premium quality stitching to ensure the knitwear is durable and long-lasting.

You will surely enjoy the craftsmanship of this excellent garment.

Please contact us for our full range of quality knitwear garments. 

Contact us at

A   21 Tuscan Crt Thomastown VIC  Australia 3074

P +61 3 9469 5467

F +61 3 9460 5656

E  fab@collegeknitwear.com.au